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Agriculture Market Industry
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 AgFeed Industries, through its subsidiaries Nanchang Best Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (Nanchang Best) and Shanghai Best Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Best), is engaged in the business of the research and development, manufacture, marketing and sale of fodder and blended feed for use in the domestic animal husbandry markets in the People's Republic of China. In addition, Co.'s subsidiary, Guangxi Huijie Sci. & Tech. Feed Co., Ltd., (Guangxi Huijie), is engaged in the research and development, manufacture, marketing, distribution and sale of pre-mix fodder blended feed and feed additives primarily for use in China's domestic pork husbandry markets.
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 Alico is a land management company operating in Central and Southwest Florida. As of Aug 31 2007, Co.'s primary asset is 135,466 acres of land located in Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee and Polk Counties. Co. is involved in a variety of agribusiness pursuits in addition to land leasing and rentals, rock and sand mining and real estate sales activities. As of Aug 31 2007, Co.'s agricultural operations include Bowen Brothers, which harvests, hauls and markets citrus for both Co. and other outside growers; Citrus Groves, which cultivates citrus trees in order to produce citrus; and Sugarcane, which cultivates sugarcane for sale to a sugar processor.
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OTC PK:SOYLAmerican Soil Technologies, Inc.
 American Soil Technologies develops, manufactures and markets cutting-edge technology that decreases the need for water and improves the soil in the "Green Industry" consisting of agriculture, turf and horticulture. Co. has an exclusive license to the use of patented polymer application techniques as well as numerous patents on a unique machine designed to inject polymer and other liquid products into existing turf and some crops. Co. also expanded to provide next-generation organic and sustainable fertilizers. The product line includes homogenized fertilizers, non-toxic insect controls, plant protectants, seed, soil and silage inoculants.
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OTCBB:ASPBAspen Racing Stables, Inc.
 Aspen Racing Stables is a development stage company engaged in the purchase, breeding, training, and resale of horses. An area of particular concentration is the purchase and sale of weanlings and yearlings at auctions, commonly referred to as "pinhooking". Pinhooking is the purchase of thoroughbred weanlings and yearlings at various horse auctions with a view to resell them in the short term at similar auctions. Co.'s primary operations are as follows: (1) Purchase of weanlings in the fall, to be resold as yearlings in the spring; (2) purchase of yearlings in the fall, to be resold as two-year olds in the spring; and (3) purchase of broodmares in foal in the spring.
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 Cal-Maine Foods is a producer and marketer of shell eggs in 29 states, mainly in the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. Co. markets its shell eggs via a distribution of network to customers including national and regional grocery store chains, club stores, foodservice distributors and egg product manufacturers. As of June 2 2007, Co.'s facilities included two breeding facilities, two hatcheries, four wholesale distribution centers, 16 feed mills, 29 shell egg production facilities, 19 pullet growing facilities, and 28 processing and packing facilities. Co. also owns interests in two egg products facilities and one spent hen processing facility.
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OTC PK:CAENCalifornia Engels Mng Co
 California-Engels Mining is a holding company, which is principally engaged in the business of developing mineral as well as timber properties. As of Dec 31 2006, Co.'s principal revenue sources consisted primarily of timber, land and rock sales, as well as investment income. As of the date state above, Co.'s properties were located in the western U.S. In addition, Co. is the fee owner of approximately 36 patented lode mining claims totaling 736 acres, which include 239.24 acres of other patented lands at Engelmine, Lights Creek Mining District, Plumas County, CA.
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OTC PK:CCCFFChai-Na-Ta Corporation
 Chai-Na-Ta Corp. engages in growing, processing, and marketing North American ginseng. The company maintains farms near Lillooet, Kamloops, Ashcroft, and Midway in British Columbia; Otterville in Ontario; and a warehouse facility in Hong Kong. Its products are sold to ginseng brokers in Hong Kong and a limited number of smaller customers. As of December 31, 2002, the company had 1,284 acres total acreage under cultivation.
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NYSE:CQBChiquita Brands International, Inc.
 Chiquita Brands International is engaged as a marketer and distributor of bananas and other produce sold under the Chiquita and other brand names in approximately 80 countries, as well as packaged salads sold under the Fresh Express brand name primarily in the U.S. as of Dec 31 2006. In addition, Co. distributes and markets cut fruit and other branded fruit-based products. Co. produces approximately 30.0% of the bananas it markets on its own farms, and purchases the remainder of the bananas, all of the lettuce, and substantially all of the other produce from third-party suppliers throughout the world.
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 CHS is an integrated agricultural cooperative. Co. provides products and services, from initial agricultural inputs such as fuels, farm supplies, crop nutrients and crop protection products, to agricultural outputs that include grains and oilseeds, grain and oilseed processing and food products. Members of the cooperative are located throughout the United States. Co. has aligned its business segments based on an assessment of how its businesses operate and the products and services they sell. Co. has three business segments; Energy, Ag Business and Processing, create vertical integration to link producers with consumers. .
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 Converted Organics is a development stage company seeking to construct processing facilities that will use organic food waste as raw material to manufacture all-natural soil amendment products combining both disease suppression and nutrition characteristics to be sold and distributed to the agribusiness, turf management, and retail markets. Co. has obtained a long-term lease for a site in a portion of an industrial building in Woodbridge, NJ that it will equip as its initial organic waste conversion facility. As of Dec 31 2006, Co. had no operations and did not expect to generate any revenue until the Woodbridge facility is completely operational.
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 Cresud is engaged in the agriculture and livestock industry. Co.'s activities comprise the production of crop, including soy, corn, wheat and sunflower, beef cattle and milk. Co. also develops purchase and selling operations of rural farms aiming at producing a true transformation and the technical improvements necessary to produce a change in value.
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OTC PK:DAATDAC Technologies Group International, Inc.
 DAC Technologies is in the business of developing, outsourcing the manufacture, and marketing of various consumer products, patented and non-patented. As of Dec 31 2006, Co.'s products are grouped into four categories: gun cleaning and maintenance, hunting and camping, gun safety, and other products. Co.'s gun maintenance products include over 40 gun cleaning kits and rod sets used to clean and maintain firearm. Co.'s hunting and camping products include three meat processing items, Sportsman's Lighter , and game processing kit. Co.'s gun safety products are gun safety locks and security and specialty safes. Co. also sells electronic security devices to protect the person.
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 Eden Bioscience is engaged in the sale of Home and Garden products marketed under the umbrella brand Messenger . Co. sells two harpin protein-based products in the Home and Garden Market, Messenger and Messenger Seed Treatment. Co.'s harpin-based products provide harmless yet potent signal-inducing harpin proteins and protein extracts, which trigger beneficial responses designed to protect plants, to help plants grow through stress, to improve plants' uptake of nutrients, and to improve the overall level of plant health. Co.'s harpin protein-based products are either water-soluble granules or powders that are topically applied or that are water insoluble powders used as seed treatments.
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OTC PK:EVEHEnvironment Ecology Holding Company of China
 Environmental Ecology Holding of China is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the urban landscaping industry. The landscaping projects include landscape construction and maintenance for public parks, communities, schools, memorials, convention centers, squares, hotels, highway's side view, and so on, some of which were granted as landmarks in the local cities. The detailed services cover: gardeners, landscape contractors, landscape architects, irrigation experts, pest management professionals/applicators, arborists, sod growers, golf course maintenance staff and suppliers, groundskeepers and botanical gardens.
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OTCBB:GOBSG/O Business Solutions, Inc.
 G/O Business Solutions is engaged in providing business consulting services to client companies engaged in various industries and at various stages of development. Co. provides Consulting regarding Corporate Development Issues; Consulting regarding Merger and Acquisition Plan Development and Procedures; Consulting regarding Market Divestiture and Special Situations Planning and Procedures; Consulting regarding Growth Strategies and Logistics Planning, Development and Procedures; and Consulting regarding Succession Planning. As of Dec 31 2006, SH Celera owned 80.0% of Co.'s issued and outstanding shares of common stock.
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NYSE:GMKGruma S.A. de C.V. ADS
 Gruma is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is primarily engaged in the production of corn and wheat flour, which is used to make tortillas, tamales, enchiladas, atoles, chips, and other Mexican dishes. In Central America, Co. has agriculture related businesses engaged in harvesting heart of palm, producing preservatives, and manufacturing tin containers. Co.'s products are sold under registered trademarks such as Maseca , Guerrero , Torti Masa , Payara , Selecta , Torti Rica , and Breddy . Through its subsidiaries, Co. is also engaged in the manufacture of tortilla machines and related equipment. Co.'s tortilla machines are sold under the Tortec and Batitec brand names.
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OTC PK:HORTHines Horticulture, Inc.
 Hines Horticulture produces and distributes horticultural products through its wholly owned subsidiary, Hines Nurseries, Inc. (?Hines Nurseries?). Hines Nurseries is a national supplier of ornamental shrubs, color plants and container-grown plants with commercial nursery facilities located in Arizona, California, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas. Hines Nurseries markets its products to retail and commercial customers throughout the United States. Hines Nurseries produces approximately 5,900 varieties of ornamental shrubs and color plants. Co. sells to more than 1,180 retail and commercial customers, representing more than 6,670 outlets throughout the United States.
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OTC PK:HUMTHumatech, Inc.
 Humatech produces and distributes humate-based trace element fertilizers and animal feed products. Co.'s products are sold to agriculture products' dealers/distributors, retail customers as well as livestock feedlot operators, ranchers and other agricultural customers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Co.'s animal feed supplement products consist of: PROMAX MaxAppetin, Nutri-Hume, and Bentonita. All are organic, non-toxic animal feed ingredients used for ruminant and/or non-ruminant animals that provides an all-natural source of nutritional iron.
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OTC PK:KNURKnox Nursery, Inc.
 Knox Nursery, Inc., a wholesale plant nursery, sells seedling annuals (plugs) and potted annuals. Plug sales involves sowing seeds annually, and then precisely growing the seedlings for four to 10 weeks until the ‘pre-finished’ plants are shipped to commercial growers throughout the country. Potted annuals are transplanted from pre-finished plugs into the appropriate containers, then grown to a mature ready-to-sell condition. The company sells seedling annuals to brokers and other nurseries located throughout the United States and Canada. It sells potted annuals to wholesalers, landscapers, and final-use customers located primarily in central Florida. Knox Nursery does business with approximately 200 independent brokers selling its pre-finished products throughout the United States. It operates through its offices in Orlando, Florida.
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OTC PK:MRGOMargo Caribe, Inc.
 Margo Caribe, Inc. and its subsidiaries are in growing, distributing, and installing tropical plants and trees. Co. is also engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of its own line of planting media and aggregates (including bark and premium mulch manufacturing and sale), the distribution of lawn and garden products, and also provides landscaping design and installation services. Co. acts as sales representative for several consumer goods brands in Puerto Rico.
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NYSE:NUTML Macadamia Orchards, LP
 ML Macadamia Orchards is engaged in the business of growing and farming macadamia nuts in Hawaii. As of Dec 31 2003, Co. owned or leased approximately 4,169 tree acres of macadamia nut orchards in three locations within a 50-mile radius on the island of Hawaii. (Tree acres are acres of Co.'s owned or leased lands utilized for macadamia nut orchards.) Co. sells all of its macadamia nut production to Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut under long-term nut purchase contracts. Co. farms its own orchards and approximately 2,645 additional acres of macadamia orchards for other orchard owners. Co. is managed by its general partner, ML Resources.
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OTCBB:MCETMultiCell Technologies, Inc.
 MultiCell Technologies is an integrated biopharmaceutical company engaged in pursuing research and development targeting degenerative neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS), metabolic and endocrinological disorders, including Type-1 diabetes, infectious diseases, including hepatitis, sepsis and influenza and degenerative ocular diseases, including macular degeneration. As of Nov 30 2006, Co.'s therapeutic pipeline includes MCT-125, directed at treating chronic fatigue in MS patients; MCT-175, targeting relapsing-remitting MS; MCT-275, for the treatment of type-1 diabetes, and MCT-465, an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of influenza A infections.
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OTC PK:NPDINeptune Industries, Inc.
 Neptune Industries, through its subsidiary Blue Heron Aqua Farms, LLC, is engaged in the aquaculture industry (fish farming) and developing new technologies for aquaculture and related marine uses. Co.'s mission is to become a supplier of sustainable seafood products through the development of a vertically integrated production and distribution enterprise, encompassing fish farms, processing facilities, wholesale distribution, and value-added product lines. Quarry sites will be developed, through Co.'s subsidiary Aqua Biologics, Inc., utilizing the Aqua-Sphere System technology.
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OTC PK:NUTCFNutreco Holding Bv - Nlg
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NYSE:OMEOmega Protein Corp.
 Omega Protein is a processor, marketer and distributor of fish meal and fish oil products in the U.S. Co. processes several grades of fish meal, as well as fish oil and fish solubles. At Dec 31 2006, Co. operated four menhaden processing plants: two in Louisiana, one in Mississippi and one in Virginia; and also operates a Health and Science Center in Reedville, VA, which provides fish oil processing capacity for its food grade oils and industrial and feed grade oils. In addition, Co. owned a fleet of 61 fishing vessels and 32 spotter aircraft for use in its fishing operations and also leased additional aircraft where necessary to facilitate operations.
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