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Auto Parts & Accessories Market Industry
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OTC PK:BYDSQBoyds Wheels, Inc.
 In April 1999, pursuant to the bankruptcy plan, Boyds Wheels, Inc. issued new common stock to Automotive Performance Group, Inc. (APG) such that APG held 80% of the company’s common stock. Boyds Wheels, Inc., previously, was engaged in the design, manufacture, and marketing of aluminum wheels for the specialty automotive and motorcycle aftermarkets. The company also marketed a line of car care products and a line of sportswear under its own label. Besides, its wholly owned subsidiary, Hot Rods By Boyd, Inc., designed and manufactured custom vehicles, which were sold directly to private clientele and promotional businesses.
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OTC PK:CTTAYContl Ag Ord American Depositary Shares
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OTC PK:DNZOYDenso Corp Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
 DENSO Corporation supplies advanced technology, systems, and components. The company’s automotive components include automatic air conditioner, cool & hot box, air purifier, gasoline engine management system, diesel engine fuel injection system, engine electrical equipment, engine cooling system, meter, windshield wiper, windshield washer, horn, flasher, ABS control, TRC control, VSC control, door lock control, SRS air bag, cruse control, and corner clearance warning system. Its consumer and industrial products include Kerosene Heat Pump, Spot-Cooler, Spot-Heater, Natural Refrigent Heat-Pump Hot Water Supply System, Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus, Glass-Vision, EL Display, Robot, IT Heat Solution Equipment, Two-Dimension Code/ Barcode Related Products, IC Card Related Products, RFID Related Products, and Piezoelectric Actuators.
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OTC PK:DPWSDiamond Powersports, Inc.
 Diamond Powersports, Inc. engages in the manufacture and distribution of motorcycle accessory and apparel worldwide. Its product line includes bar end sliders, ignitions, sprockets, clutch cable kits, lowering links, tires, chains, mirror block-off caps, transmission and clutch parts, flame sliders, oil pans, valves, frame sliders, piston kits, wheels, fuel valves, R1 swing arm sliders, other motorcycle components, foot peg sliders, and RPM limiters.
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OTC PK:DKNDFDynetek Industries Ltd
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OTC PK:ETCKEnerTeck Corporation
 In November 2003, Gold Bond Resources, Inc. changed its name to EnerTeck Corporation in connection with its statutory merger with EnerTeck Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gold Bond. EnerTeck Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, EnerTeck Chemical Corp., engages in the development and/or acquisition of combustion enhancement, emission reduction, and other environmentally friendly technologies. Its diesel fuel specific combustion catalyst, EnerBurn, is used in on-road vehicles, locomotives, and marine engines in the United States. The product is also being sold in Europe, Japan, Latin, and South America.
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OTC PK:GKNLYGKN plc American Depositary Receipt
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OTC PK:IOCJYIochpe Maxion SA Sponsored American Depositary Shares repstg Pfd Shares
 Iochpe-Maxion S.A., through its subsidiaries, Maxion Componentes Estruturais Ltda., Maxion Componentes Automotivos S.A., Amsted-Maxion Fundicao e Equipamentos Ferroviarios S.A, engages in the manufacture and sale components for road and railway vehicles, industrial castings, and spare parts. Maxion Componentes Estruturais manufactures and sells complete chassis, side rails, and cross-members for trucks, buses, and light commercial vehicles, as well as steel wheels for trucks, buses, and tractors. Maxion Componentes Automotivos manufactures windowraiser mechanisms, door locks, door handles, hinges, straps, lock cylinders and keys, latches, pedal sets, hand-brake levers, jacks, and water and oil pumps for cars, light commercial vehicles, and trucks. Amsted-Maxion Fundicao, a joint venture with Amsted Industries, produces freight railroad cars, railroad and industrial castings, as well as railroad wheels.
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OTC PK:LTGLQLiteglow Industries, Inc.
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OTC PK:MJXXMajestic Companies Ltd (The)
 The Majestic Companies, Ltd., through its subsidiary, Freedom Oil & Gas, Inc., engages in the oil and gas exploration, and development business. The company, previously, engaged in the business of developing and marketing proprietary passenger restraint system for the school bus industry. It also engaged in the origination and servicing of new modular building leases. In September 2002, Freedom Oil & Gas completed the acquisition of HEGCO's El Grande Prospect in Faulkner County, Arkansas. In the same month, Freedom launched its new Web site at www.freedomoilandgas.com.
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OTCBB:MREOMirenco, Inc.
 Mirenco, Inc. engages in the development and marketing of automotive and aftermarket products that reduce environmental emissions. Its primary products include DriverMax®, HydroFire®Injection, HydroFire®Fluid, HydroFire®Lubricant, and EconoCruise®. DriverMax® device controls the fuel flow directly proportional to the engine’s combustion capability. This product is designed primarily for heavy start-stop vehicles, such as buses, garbage trucks, and construction vehicles. HydroFire®Injection injects a patented fluid, HydroFire®Fluid, into the engine to combat the oxides of nitrogen production by approximately 50%. HydroFire®Fluid is a patented water-alcohol-lubricant mixture. HydroFire®Lubricant serves to thwart the potentially solvent and/or corrosive characteristics of the alcohol in the engine and/or storage containers. The company is developing EconoCruise®, which utilizes other input sensors, including Global Positioning System technology and ambient sensor features.
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OTC PK:NWTBNewTech Brake Corp
 NewTech Brake Corp., a subsidiary of NewTech Group International, Inc., engages in the identification, development, and exploitation, under licenses brought from NewTech Group, to provide full contact disc brakes and related components to the North American and European heavy vehicle markets. Its products include full contact disc brake and rear brake. The company’s products are used on trucks, buses, and trailers. It intends to market its products to original equipment manufacturers.
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OTC PK:STLOFSHEP Technologies, Inc.
 SHEP Technologies, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of Stored Hydraulic Energy Propulsion (SHEP) System. The SHEP System improves fuel economy and vehicle performance by capturing kinetic energy generated from braking. This System stores the energy and then utilizes the energy on demand during subsequent acceleration. The company was in development stage and was pursuing applications, such as elevator and platform lifting systems for the use of the SHEP System, as of March 31, 2003.
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OTC PK:TMLLThird Millennium Industries, Inc.
 In November 2003, X-Net Services Corp. changed its name to Third Millenium Industries, Inc., following a reverse acquisition of Third Millennium Industries, Inc., pursuant to the agreement and plan of reorganization. Third Millenium Industries, Inc. seeks to provide introductory technological solutions and support that can take a small business client into full-scale e-commerce.
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OTC PK:TROAFTorotrak Plc
 Torotrak plc engages in the design and development of traction drive infinitely variable transmission systems to car companies and transmission manufacturers. Its technology offers the automotive industry improvements in fuel economy, performance, and smoothness, as well as driving control features. The company licenses this technology to car companies and their Tier 1 transmission suppliers. Its Total Off Road Control (TORC™) enables the driver to set a predetermined speed on a dial in the car and set off across rough terrain. TORC also has the ability to slow the vehicle to a standstill and even reverse without changing gear. The company was also developing the Total Downhill Control™ feature, which allows control of 4x4 vehicles' speed up and down a slope, with the ability to stop and 'hill hold' without having to use the vehicle brakes, as of March 31, 2003.
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OTC PK:USAMU.S. Automotive Manufacturing, Inc.
 U.S. Automotive Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures new and rebuilt automotive friction products. The company's line of friction automotive products includes brake lining, integrally molded and riveted brake pads, and remanufactured brake shoes. Brake pads, brake shoes or a combination of both are incorporated in all makes and models of American and imported automobiles. It markets various grades of friction lining, asbestos, non-asbestos organic, and semi-metallic formulas, suitable for use by the automotive and light truck after-markets. It generally produces the replacement brakes under the same process used to manufacture the vehicle's original equipment. The company sells its products to wholesale and retail automotive distributors, mass merchandisers, chain stores, and to other brake manufacturers in the United States and in 11 foreign countries.
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OTC PK:VLEEYValeo Sa Ord American Depositary Shares
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