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Biotechnology (Startups) Market Industry
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OTC PK:AMUNQAmerimmune Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
 Amerimmune Pharmaceuticals, Inc., through its subsidiary, Amerimmune, Inc., engaged in the pharmaceutical research business with the primary purpose of developing Cytolin®, a monoclonal antibody, which is a treatment for patients suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Cytolin® blocks certain adhesion molecules on one of the disease-fighting cells of the immune system, thereby protecting the immune system from ‘killer-type’ T cells that tend to turn the human immune system against itself. By helping to shore up the immune system’s natural defenses, this is a distinctly different therapeutic approach from antiviral drugs (e.g., reverse transcriptase inhibitors and protease inhibitors), which take the offensive against the virus.
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OTCBB:BOCXBioCurex, Inc.
 Whispering Oaks International, Inc., doing business as BioCurex, Inc., operates as a biotechnology company that is developing products based on patented/proprietary technology in the areas of cancer diagnosis, tumor imaging, and therapeutics. The technology identifies a cancer marker known as RECAF™, which is found on malignant cells from various cancer types but is absent in most normal or benign cells. The Histo-RECAF™ kits provide proof of concept for the RECAF technology. In March 2003, BioCurex was granted U.S. Patent for Cancer Diagnostic products and Food and Drug Administration clearance. In May 2003, the company appointed Ricardo Moro-Vidal, President, to be the chief executive officer.
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OTC PK:GVECGenetic Vectors, Inc.
 Genetic Vectors, Inc. supplies genetic engineering tools and analytical kits to the biotechnology and molecular biology markets. Its products allow biopharmaceutical companies to test for biopharmaceutical product purity in compliance with regulatory standards. The company developed and is currently marketing the EpiDNA product line as a quality control tool for the biopharmaceutical industry. Its EasyID genetic screening products are designed to study disease risk assessment, drug resistance, and drug responsiveness. The EasyID line focuses on three areas of development, including juvenile diabetes predisposition assessment; yeast detection and genotyping; and genes involved in cardiovascular disease.
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OTC PK:VGENQHarvard Scientific Corporation
 In February 2001, a creditor of Harvard Scientific Corp. filed a petition to place Harvard Scientific Corp. into a Chapter XI; and subsequently on January 23, 2002, Bankrupcy court ordered this case to be converted to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As of that time, the company was engaged in the development, production and distribution of its existing entertainment projects.
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OTC PK:IMMFFImmune Network Ltd.
 Immune Network, Ltd., a biotechnology company, focuses on the development of new drugs to treat major diseases and bolster the body's immune system. The company is in the process of developing drugs for treatment against AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, Asthma, and skin disorders. All of the company's products are in the research and/or development stage. At present, it does not own or possess rights to a marketable product. To date, the company has not earned significant revenues from these drugs. In addition, through its subsidiary B.C. Research, Inc., Immune Network provides laboratory analysis and testing, field work, pilot plants, consulting services and applied research, and development under contract in the market areas, including chemical process and analysis, environment health and safety, and natural health product services. The company also derives revenue from rental property.
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OTC PK:NTHRNewtech Resources, Ltd.
 Newtech Resources, Ltd., a development stage company, did not have any significant operations, as of August 31, 2003. It intends to identify and acquire a favorable business opportunity. Previously, the company was engaged in the research and development of glycosylated cystatins and non-glycosylated cystatins.
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OTC PK:PLTTPilot Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
 Pilot Therapeutics Holdings, Inc., a development stage specialty pharmaceutical company, operates as the holding company for Pilot Therapeutics, Inc. The company engages in the development of therapeutic pharmaceutical products that are specifically designed to address dysfunctional lipid metabolism in chronic human diseases, such as asthma, coronary heart disease, cancer, cystic acne, and rheumatoid arthritis. The company seeks to developits medical food product for asthma, Airozin™. It also intends to conduct an additional premarket clinical trial for Pilot’s medical food for arthritis. In addition, the company intends to engage in the preparation and filing of an Investigational New Drug application and continuation of clinical trials for its botanical drug candidates for coronary heart disease. In April 2003, Pilot Therapeutics launched Airozin™, an over the counter medical food product for the dietary management of asthma.
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OTCBB:PTEOProteo, Inc.
 Proteo, Inc. was in the development stage as of March 31, 2003. It intends to develop, manufacture, promote, and market pharmaceuticals and other biotech products. The company focuses on the development of pharmaceuticals based on the human protein Elafin. It primarily engages in the research and development of its proprietary product Elafin. Elafin is a human protein that naturally occurs in human skin, lungs, and mammary glands. The company seeks to implement Elafin as a drug in the treatment of serious tissue and muscle damage.
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OTC PK:QMDTQuick-Med Technologies, Inc.
 Quick-Med Technologies, Inc., a life sciences company, develops proprietary technologies in the consumer, healthcare, and industrial use, as well as for military and civilian medical applications. The company's two core products under development are MultiStat™, a family of patented methods and compounds shown to be effective in skin therapy applications; and Novel Intrinsically Microbicidal Utility Substrate (NIMBUS™), a family of polymers bio-engineered to have antimicrobial, super-absorbent, and other properties that were used in various applications. In September 2003, the company entered into a licensing agreement with DermaCo, Inc., a specialty dermatology company. As a result of the agreement, the company extends the skin care applications of its MultiStat™ technology to various naturally occurring or sun-related skin conditions, including photoaging.
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