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Diagnostic Kits / Equipment Market Industry
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OTC PK:CLMICellMetrix, Inc.
 CellMetrix, Inc. operates as medical technology company that develops clinical testing applications and automated laboratory systems that together allow for the early detection, diagnosis, characterization, treatment, and monitoring of significant human diseases. The company currently is focused on developing clinical testing applications for lung cancer and has already fully developed and begun marketing its first clinical application called LungCheck to targeted healthcare providers.
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OTC PK:DGCRFDiagnocure, Inc.
 DiagnoCure, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in the development, production, and commercialization of diagnostic tests for the detection of cancer. DiagnoCure’s ImmunoCyt™/uCyt+™ is an immuno-cytofluorescence test for the detection of bladder cancer cells in urine, and is based on monoclonal antibodies. This product is distributed in the United States, Canada, and European countries. It also seeks to co-develop a molecular diagnostic test for lung cancer, as a result of its partnership with Compugen, Ltd. In September 2003, its uPM3™ nucleic acid test, for detecting PCA3 DD3 RNA expression in prostate cancer cells in urine using the PCA3 gene, was made available in US in the Analyte Specific Reagent format.
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OTC PK:IVROInVitro International
 InVitro International was engaged in the manufacture and sale of proprietary and preventive products and services for human and environmental safety, as of September 30, 1996. The company distributed child safety and identification products, and manufactured and marketed proprietary in vitro assay kits and systems to detect, rank, and predict the potential level of irritancy, toxicity or corrosivity of substances on human eye and skin tissue.
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OTC PK:MMIRFMedmira, Inc.
 MedMira, Inc., a medical biotechnology company, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of diagnostic tests and instrumentation that aid in the diagnosis of both infectious and non-infectious human diseases. Its tests utilize serum, plasma, and whole blood samples to determine the presence of specific antibodies. The company also developed tests, which utilize antibodies as a capture antigen to detect the presence of the specific antigen in the blood. MedMira offers its products and services worldwide.
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OTC PK:SBTKQSabratek Corporation
 Sabratek Corporation produces therapeutic and diagnostic medical systems for health care market. The company’s product line consist of stationary pump, ambulatory pump, infusion sets, pre-filled syringe products, interactive programming and monitoring software, automatic diagnostic testing device, whole blood monitor, vital signs monitor, base station communications device, and clinical patient information management system. Sabratek’s health care information system provides remote programming, as well as real-time diagnostic and therapeutic data capture capabilities, allowing caregivers to monitor patient compliance, and to develop outcome analyses and clinical protocols.
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OTC PK:SMLXSmlx Technologies, Inc.
 SMLX Technologies, Inc. engages in the business of developing technological solutions for the medical, dental, and other industries; and bringing the technologies to the marketplace. The company’s products include a transdermal drug delivery system, dental products, equine products, and an intradermal cosmetic line. The dental products include Airbrator® for polishing, cleaning, and abrading teeth, and for use in cavity preparation. Its equine products include Bioven, an anti-inflammatory drug; and equine infectious anemia rapid test.
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OTC PK:DIAGFSpectral Diagnostics, Inc.
 Spectral Diagnostics, Inc. develops medical technologies for disease management. Its Cardiac STATus™ is a cardiac test that enables clinicians to identify acute coronary events. The company’s Endotoxin Activity Assay product is approved for the diagnosis of sepsis infection. Its patented blood separation membrane develops and manufactures separation membranes for use in point-of-care diagnostics. Besides, the company manufactures and supplies recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and reagents to diagnostic companies for use in a variety of diagnostic products and services. In addition, the company is developing a new Micro-Fluidic Immunoassay platform; and a second generation core cardiac tests for CKMB, Myoglobin, and Troponin. In September 2003, the company received a notification and registration of a CE marking of conformity for its Endotoxin Activity Assay, as an aid in risk assessment of patients in the ICU for developing severe sepsis.
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