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Edu, Social & Pub Services Market Industry
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OTC PK:ACCSAccesstel, Inc.
 Co. has no business operations. Co.'s efforts are focused on maintaining the corporate entity and pursuing litigation against management.
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 Ascendia Brands is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. manufactures, markets and distributes a portfolio of products in the health and beauty care categories. The brand portfolio includes Baby Magic , Binaca , Mr. Bubble , Calgon?, the healing garden , Lander , Lander essentials?, Ogilvie , Tussy , Tek , and Dorothy Gray . Co. sells its brands through a variety of channels, concentrating primarily on the mass merchandiser, drug stores, supermarkets (mass, drug, food), and dollar store outlets.
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 AIMSI Technologies provides nuclear and environmental services, engineering and construction services, and information technology and media services. WorldWide Online Corp is the implementation, support and technical services provider for Assured Performance Monitoring Inc. and other Carmina companies. Assured Performance Monitoring Inc. provides sales and marketing for the combined business. WorldWide Online Corp provides the operational services and support for the combined business.
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OTCBB:AXRXAmexdrug Corporation
 Amexdrug is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Dermagen, Inc. and Allied Med, Inc., Co. is primarily a full-line, wholesale distributor of brand and generic pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter products, non-drug products, health and beauty care products, and nutritional supplements. Co. distributes its products primarily to independent pharmacies in the western and southeastern regions of the U.S., and secondarily to small and medium-sized pharmacy chains, alternative care facilities and other wholesalers and retailers. Co.'s products are sold both through traditional wholesale distribution lines and e-commerce venues, including its website, www.amwrx.com .
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 Apollo Group provides higher education to working adults through its wholly-owned subsidiaries: University of Phoenix, Inc., Institute for Professional Development, Inc., The College for Financial Planning Institutes Corporation, Western International University, Inc. and Insight Schools, Inc. As of Aug 31 2007, Co. offered educational programs and services at high school, college and graduate levels, at 102 campuses and 157 learning centers in 40 states and the District of Columbia; Puerto Rico; Alberta and British Columbia; Canada; Mexico; and The Netherlands; as well as online throughout the world.
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 Arrowhead Research is a development stage nanotechnology company commercializing new technologies in the areas of life sciences, electronics, and energy. Nanotechnology involves the investigation and design of materials and devices at the atomic and molecular levels. Co. operates five majority owned subsidiaries commercializing nanotech products and applications and funds a number of prototype development efforts in university labs in exchange for the exclusive right to license technology developed in such labs. Co.'s operations consist primarily of technological research and development.
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OTC PK:AOGNAvalon Oil and Gas, Inc.
 Avalon Oil & Gas plans to acquire oil and gas producing properties that have proven reserves and established in-field drilling locations with a combination of cash, debt, and equity. In addition, Co.'s technology group acquires oil production enhancing technologies. Co. maintains 50% working interests in a 121.9 acre lease in Wood County, Texas; a 40 acre lease in Camp County, Texas and all of the surface equipment for the properties; and leases in Miller County, Arkansas. Also, Co. maintains a 10% working interest in 13 wellbores in Upshur County, Texas and a 15% working interest in a prospect in Karnes County, Texas.
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OTC PK:BPMABenda Pharmaceutical, Inc.
 Benda Pharmaceutical, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ever Leader Holdings Limited ("Ever Leader"), is a pharmaceutical company that identifies, discovers, develops and manufactures both conventional medicines and traditional Chinese medicines ("TCMs") for the treatment of common ailments and diseases (e.g., common cold, diabetes, cancer). Co. is also dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of gene therapy products, including Gendicine , the world's first commercialized gene therapy medicine for the treatment of cancer.
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NASDAQ:BFAMBright Horizons Family Solutio
 Bright Horizons Family Solutions is a provider of workplace services for employers and families, including early care, education and strategic life consulting. Co. provides center-based child care, education and enrichment programs, elementary school education (kindergarten through fifth grade), backup care, before and after school care for school age children, summer camps, vacation care, college admissions counseling services, and other family support services. As of Dec 31 2006, Co. managed 642 early care and education centers for more than 600 clients with the capacity to serve about 69,000 children in 41 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Ireland and the U.K.
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OTC PK:CLYWCalypso Wireless, Inc.
 Calypso Wireless is a development stage company. Co. is a developer and supplier of real-time video cellular phones software and telecommunications infrastructure software. Co.'s core business focuses on the development of smart real-time video cellular phones and wireless devices, which through Co.'s ASNAP unique switching technology provides greater bandwidth to seamlessly integrate the existing cellular networks and Internet IP-based telecommunications networks without having to replace the existing infrastructure.
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 Capella Education is an exclusively online post-secondary education services company. Through Co.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Capella University, Co. offers a variety of doctoral, master's and bachelor's programs in the following disciplines: health and human services, business management and technology, and education. Co.'s academic offerings combine competency-based curricula with the convenience and flexibility of an online learning format. Co. designs its offerings to help working adult learners develop specific competencies that they can employ in their workplace.
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 Career Education is a provider of private and postsecondary education. Co.'s schools and universities offer doctoral degree, master's degree, bachelor's degree, associate degree, and non-degree certificate and diploma programs in Culinary Arts; Visual Communication and Design Technologies; Health Education; Business Studies; and Information Technology. As of Dec 31 2006, Co. operated 71 on-ground campuses located throughout the U.S. and in France, Canada, Italy and the U.K., as well as two fully-online academic programs. As of Jan 31 2007, Co. had a total student population of approximately 89,300.
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OTCBB:CHWNChartwell International, Inc.
 Chartwell International is a holding company. Through its affiliate, College Bound Student Alliance, Inc., Co. is engaged in career planning, test preparation and college selection services for college bound students and their families.
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 China Recycling Energy is engaged in providing information services, cellular phone distribution and advertising services through its Chinese operating subsidiaries. In addition, Co. is also engaged in recycling energy business, providing energy saving and recycling products and services. As of Dec 31 2006, Co. conducted its business primarily through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sifang Holdings and their wholly owned subsidiary TCH Data Technology Co. Ltd (TCH). At such date, Co. operated in four principal business segments; advertising service; sales of mobile phones; mobile phone services; and beep pagers service.
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OTC PK:CGPACollege Partnership Merger Co DE
 College Partnership is an education and full service college preparation company. Co. provides educational resources that will help families reduce college costs, save time, decrease family stress, and identify the best colleges for the student. Specifically, Co. provides information services to high school students to assist in career planning, college course selection, college selection, college entrance testing, study skills, and searches for merit awards and financial aid. These deliverables consist of printed materials, videocassettes, and test preparation, college major and career assessment software and databases accessed through CD-ROM or the Internet.
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 Corinthian Colleges is a for-profit, post-secondary education company in the U.S. and Canada, with over 62,115 students enrolled as of June 30 2007. Co.'s U.S. schools grant either diplomas or degrees (associate's, bachelor's and master's) and provide educational opportunities with an emphasis on four primary concentrations: allied health, business, technology and criminal justice. Co.'s Canadian schools grant diplomas. Through its On-Line Learning division, Co. also provides an online learning alternative available to students pursuing education exclusively online. As of June 30 2007, Co. operated 93 schools in 24 states, and 17 schools in the province of Ontario, Canada.
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OTCBB:CRWPCrown Partners, Inc.
 Crown Partners is a holding company that has three subsidiaries of which it is the majority shareholder. As of Dec 31 2005, Co. is seeking suitable merger candidates for all three subsidiaries. Presently, Co.'s main activities and sources of revenue are derived from daily trading in the stock markets.
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 DeVry, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, owns and operates: DeVry University, which provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs in technology, healthcare technology and business, as well as graduate degree programs in management; Ross University, which provides medical and veterinary medical education; Chamberlain College of Nursing, which provides several nursing degree and degree completion programs; and Becker Professional Review, which prepares candidates for the Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst professional certification examinations, and provides continuing professional education programs and seminars in accounting and finance.
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NYSE:DCPDyncorp International, Inc.
 Dyncorp International, through its subsidiaries, provides defense and technical services and government outsourced services primarily to the U.S. government agencies. Co. provides law enforcement training and support, security services, base operations, and aviation services and operations. Co.'s customers include the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of State (DoS), allied foreign governments, commercial customers and certain other U.S. federal, state and local government agencies. As of Mar 30 2007, Co. conducted its operations through two business segments: Government Services (GS) and Maintenance and Technical Support Services (MTSS).
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OTCBB:EDRGEight Dragons Co.
 Eight Dragons has no operations and is seeking acquisition or merger candidates with other public shell company.
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 Enstar Group is engaged in the operation of several equity affiliates in the financial services industry. Through the operations of its partially owned equity affiliates, Castlewood Holdings Limited and B.H. Acquisition Limited, and their subsidiaries, Co. has acquired and manages property and casualty insurance and reinsurance companies. The management of such companies includes claims administration, adjustment and settlement together with the collection of reinsurance recoveries. Castlewood Holdings also provides management, consulting and other services to the insurance and reinsurance industry for both fixed and success-based fee arrangements.
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OTC PK:EVCIEVCI Career Colleges Holding Corp.
 EVCI Career Colleges Holding and its subsidiary, Technical Career Institutes, Inc. ("TCI"), Interboro Institute, Inc. (?Interboro?) and Pennsylvania School of Business, Inc. (?PSB?), provides on-campus career college education. Interboro offers degree programs leading to the Associate in Occupational Studies degree and Associate in Applied Sciences degree. TCI offers two-year college degree programs. TCI also offers some certificate programs. PSB offers two Associate in Specialized Business Degree programs and two diploma programs in information technology as well as three recently authorized business diploma programs.
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NYSE:FVEFive Star Quality Care
 Five Star Quality Care operates senior living communities, including independent living and congregate care communities, assisted living communities and nursing homes. As of Dec 31 2006, Co. operated 162 communities containing 18,117 living units, including 113 primarily independent and assisted living communities containing 13,701 living units and 49 nursing homes containing 4,416 living units. Co.'s 162 communities include 5,601 independent living apartments, 6,541 assisted living suites and 5,975 skilled nursing beds. In addition, Co. operates six institutional pharmacies, one of which provides mail order pharmaceuticals to the general public.
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OTCBB:FOCPForme Capital, Inc.
 Forme Capital's only activity prior to 1989 was the creation and spinning off to its stockholders of six blind pool companies. During the period 1989 to 1998 Co. was a real estate company, and from 1999 to 2000 Co. invested in fine art. On Apr. 10, 2000, Co. sold its artwork and associated assets. Co. is now seeking an acquisition and/or merger transaction, and is effectively a blind pool company. Co. has no operations or substantial assets, and intends to seek out and obtain candidates with which it can merge or whose operations or assets can be acquired through the issuance of common stock and possibly debt.
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