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IT & Communication Market Industry
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 Epcos is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic components used in a variety of products and industries, such as for consumer and industrial electronics. Such components include Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Microwave Ceramics, and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Devices, which can be used in mobile communication devices, and in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. Other components produced by Co. include Film Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors, Power Capacitors, Capacitors for Power Factor Correction and Filter Circuit.
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OTCBB:TWFH24Holdings, Inc.
 24Holdings is a shell company. Co. was a holding company that owned 100.0% of the capital stock of 24STORE (Europe) Limited (24STORE). In accordance with the Plan of Reorganization approved by the Bankruptcy Court in Dec 1999, InfiniCom acquired 91.0% of Co.'s outstanding stock in exchange for all of its 24STORE stock. Subsequently until Sep 30 2005, the business operations of 24STORE, which represented all of Co.'s operations, were supplying business customers with computer and electronics products. As of Dec 31 2006, Co. had no operating business, and no specific plan other than to engage in a merger or acquisition transaction with a yet-to-be identified operating company or business.
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 3D Systems designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services 3-D printing, prototyping and manufacturing systems and related products and materials that enable three-dimensional objects to be produced directly from computer data. Co.'s core systems are used to produce physical objects from digital data using computer-aided design software and related computer utilities. Co. also blends, markets and distributes a range of core consumable, engineered plastics, composites and metal materials. Co. augments and complements its own portfolio of engineered materials with materials that it purchases from third parties under private-label arrangements and other distribution arrangements.
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OTC PK:TDFXQ3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
 Co. developed high performance, cost-effective graphics chips, graphics boards, software and related technology that enable an interactive and realistic 3D experience across multiple hardware platforms, but is now in the process of winding up its business. On March 27, 2001, Co.'s shareholders approved proposals to liquidate, wind-up and dissolve Co. pursuant to a plan of dissolution. Co. is proceeding to wind-up its affairs and dissolve.
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OTCBB:TDCP3DIcon Corporation
 3Dicon is a development stage company. Co.'s mission is to pursue, develop and market full-color, 360-degree person-to-person 3D holographic technology that is both simple and portable. Through a ?sponsored research agreement? with the University of Oklahoma, Co. has obtained the world-wide marketing rights to certain 3D display systems under development by the University. The development to date has resulted in the University filing three provisional patents and one utility patent on its technology. Co. markets the technology developed by the University of Oklahoma by targeting various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, entertainment, medical, healthcare, and the military.
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 Co. is a developer and publisher of branded interactive entertainment software. Co.'s software products operate on several multimedia platforms including personal computers, the PlayStation game console, the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Nintendo 64 game system, the Nintendo Game Boy Color hand-held game system, and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance hand-held game system. Co. has also developed software for other next generation video game consoles including the Nintendo Game Cube and the Microsoft Xbox. Co.'s existing brands include Army Men, Cubix, Heroes of Might and Magic, High Heat Baseball and Might and Magic. Co.'s software products cover a variety of genres, including action, strategy, adventure/role playing, sports, and family entertainment. The Company distributes its products through a variety of retail outlets, including mass merchants, warehouse club stores, computer and software retail chains and other specialty retailers.
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OTC PK:THDS3Dshopping.com
 Co. provides online merchants with the ability to give their customers interactive, three-dimensional ("3D") online shopping experiences. Co.'s technology also provides motion imagery and zoom capabilities, allowing users to interactively examine products in detail. Co.'s 3D technology and digital photographic techniques are capable of delivering a complete visual display over the Internet or comparable private computer networks for purposes of eBusiness and advertising. Co.'s technology is used to design, install and maintain web sites that feature products which require rich visual displays to capture buying interest. Co.'s technology is interactive, allowing the viewer to freeze the frame, select a desired angle and then zoom in on selected details.
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OTC PK:TSIH3Si Holdings, Inc.
 3Si Holdings is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. engaged in the marketing, sales and integration of its proprietary software product, iKEW?, and the licensing of the iKEW? Internet-based customer support system. Co.'s operations include data consolidation and business coordination. Co.'s iKEW? (Internet powered Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom) products provide its customers business process tools and support. Portal Management, Content Management, Request Tracking and Workflow Processing are all integrated and presented through the customer's look and feel.
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OTC PK:FNSI4net Software, Inc.
 4net Software is primarily engaged in identifying, investigating and, if investigation warrants, acquiring companies that will enhance it's revenues and increase shareholder value. Co.'s Acquisition Strategy is focused on pursuing a strategy of growth by acquiring undervalued businesses with a history of operating revenues and net earnings. Co. utilizes several criteria to evaluate prospective acquisitions. Co. receives royalties pursuant to its assignment agreement with New England Computer Group in the amount of 50% of Co.'s preexisting recurring licensing revenues and Web site hosting revenues.
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OTC PK:FIVE5B Technologies Corporation
 Co. is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is a business solutions provider, offering customers integrated services, including the procurement of hardware/software, customized design and development of Internet infrastructure and commerce solutions, information technology consulting, local area network and web site security and systems integration and provides temporary and permanent staffing services to several of New York City law firms and corporations. Co.'s subsidiary, Deltaforce Personnel Services, Inc., provides temporary word processors, proofreaders and legal secretaries, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
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 8x8 develops, markets, and sells telecommunication services and technology for Internet protocol, or IP, telephony and video applications. Co. provides the Packet8 broadband voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, phone service, Packet8 Virtual Office service and Packet8 videophone equipment and service. The Packet8 voice and video broadband phone service (Packet8) enables broadband Internet users to add digital voice and video communications services to their Internet connection. In addition, Co. provides IP telephones with built-in connectivity to Packet8 via an IP connector on the phone and sells pre-programmed analog telephones with speakerphones and a display screen.
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 Intermix Media engaged in developing and operating a network of websites providing entertainment-oriented content and certain proprietary products and services. Co.'s businesses are generally divided into two segments: (1) Products and Services and (2) Media and Advertising. eUniverse's network has generally ranked among the top 15 most visited destinations on the Internet, serving over 50 million subscribers and attract on average 15 million to 20 million visitors per month. Co. has over 35 newsletters in its portfolio and two of the more popular newsletter groups are IntelligentX and InfoBeat, focusing on factual news delivery similar to traditional newspaper or magazine format.
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 A.D.A.M. provides health information and benefits management services to healthcare organizations, benefit brokers, employers, consumers, and educational institutions. With an employee and human resources benefits management platform and a large consumer health information library, Co.'s products allow consumers to become better informed about their health and wellness, manage their personal benefits and health account finances, while helping organizations reduce the costs of healthcare and benefits administration. Co. also provides off-line software applications in the education markets that are designed to teach students gross anatomy and human physiology.
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 Accelr8 Technology is engaged in the development of a program to integrate its OptiChem surface chemistry, QuanDx light-scattering quantitative assay instrumentation, and acceleration process into a novel system for rapid bacterial identification and antibiotic resistance testing, the BACcelr8r . Co. intends to customize its technologies to the specific requirements of large licensees as well as develop new rapid pathogen detection assays. In addition to the BACcelr8r project, Co. has developed and licensed OptiChem surface coatings for use in microarraying components.
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 Access Integrated Technology is a provider of storage, electronic delivery and software services and technology systems for owners and distributors of digital content to movie theaters and other venues. Co. operates in two primary businesses, Media Services and Internet Data Center (IDC) Services. Co.'s Media Services business provides software, services and technology systems to the motion picture and television industries to facilitate the transition from analog (film) to digital cinema. The Data Center Services offers corporate customers with off-site locations to house their computer and telecommunications equipment, as well as related services such as equipment monitoring and back-up.
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NASDAQ:AUSAAccess Plans USA, Inc.
 Access Plans USA provides consumer driven health care services in lieu of traditional health insurance through access to discounted health care services and third party administration services. Co.'s membership programs offer savings on healthcare services to persons who are un-insured, under-insured, or who have elected to purchase only high deductible or limited benefit medical insurance policies, by providing access to the same preferred provider organizations that are utilized by many insurance companies and employers who self-fund all or any portion of their employees' healthcare risk. These programs are sold primarily through a network marketing strategy under the name Care Entree? .
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OTC PK:AKLMQAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
 Co. develops, publishes, markets and distributes, under its brand names, interactive entertainment software for a variety of hardware platforms, including Sony's PlayStation 2, Microsoft's Xbox , and Nintendo's GameCube and Game Boy Advance and, to a lesser extent, personal computer systems. Co. develops software internally, as well as engaging third parties to develop software on its behalf.
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OTC PK:ACRUQAccrue Software, Inc.
 Co. is a provider of enterprise-level e-business analysis software designed to provide companies with data to predict and respond to online customer behavior. Co.'s products collect, process, store, analyze, and report on e-business data. Co.'s principal products, Accrue G2 and Accrue Insight, are e-business analysis software that enable companies gain comprehensive insight into online customer behavior and make timely decisions that deliver corporate-wide value from the Internet channel. Co.'s Internet analytics software solution provides access to detailed information about online customer behavior in a format and with a level of accuracy designed to facilitate strategic business decisions and support increased effectiveness in day-to-day operational execution.
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 ACE*COMM is a global provider of advanced operations support systems (OSS) and mobile applications for telecommunications service providers and enterprises. Co.'s OSS solutions are applicable to a range of legacy through next-generation networks that include wired, wireless, voice, data, multimedia and Internet communications networks. Network operators use them for revenue management, cost reduction, improved operational efficiency, acceleration of time-to-market for new services, and more effective customer care. Co.'s mobile applications provide mobile service providers with consumer-oriented services.
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 ACI Worldwide is engaged in the development, marketing, installation and support of a line of software products and services primarily focused on facilitating electronic payments. In addition to its own products, Co. distributes, or acts as a sales agent for, software developed by third parties. As of Sep 30 2006, Co.'s products and services were used principally by financial institutions, retailers and electronic payment processors, both in domestic and international markets. Most of Co.'s products are sold and supported through distribution networks covering three geographic regions; the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), and Asia/Pacific.
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 Acme Packet is engaged in the provision of session border controllers that are designed to enable communications service providers to deliver interactive communications across defined border points where Internet Protocol (IP) networks connect. Co.'s Net-Net products, which consist of its hardware and proprietary software, are designed to unify the separate IP networks that comprise of wireline, wireless and cable networks. At Dec 31 2006, Co. sold its products and support services through 30 distribution partners, including the networking and telecommunications equipment vendors, and its direct sales force located throughout the world.
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 Acorn Energy, through its majority-owned operating subsidiary and its equity investments in Comverge Inc. and Paketeria GmbH, (i) provides software consulting and development services with a focus in areas of port security and oncology treatment (ii) provides energy intelligence solutions for utilities and energy companies (iii) provides eBay drop shop, post and parcels, office supplies, photo processing, photocopy, printer cartridge refilling, and Internet pharmacy services. Co.'s operations are based upon two segments: (i) RT Solutions whose activities are focused on two areas - naval solutions. (ii) IT Solutions whose activities are comprised of Co.'s OncoPro solution.
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OTC PK:ACROAcrodyne Communications, Inc. Acrodyne Communicati
 Co. designs, manufactures and markets digital and analog television broadcast transmitters and translators for domestic and international television stations, broadcasters, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions. Co.'s television transmitters, which range in transmission power levels from one watt for localized applications to tens of thousands of watts for large television broadcasters, have a modularized design which permits Co. to respond to specific customer requests. Co. classifies its transmitters into two categories based upon the power output amplifier design. For higher power requirements Co. uses IOT (Inductive Output Tube) power amplifiers. For low power requirements Co. uses Solid State (transistors) output amplifiers. Lower power transmitters and higher power transmitters transmit signals in both UHF and VHF frequency bands.
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OTC PK:ACTTACT Teleconferencing, Inc.
 ACT Teleconferencing is engaged in the business of providing audio, video, data and web-based conferencing products and services to business clients worldwide. Co. operates principally in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Co.'s attended ActionCall and automated Ready Connect audioconferencing services include: full-service attended conferencing; reservationless unattended conferencing; and a suite of audioconferencing management services. In addition, Co. provides videoconferencing services through multipoint video bridging centers worldwide, and a suite of web-based conferencing products and services.
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 Actions Semiconductor is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is principally engaged in the design and development of System-on-a-chip ("SoC") products and total solutions for the development and manufacture of personal media players and the provision of testing solutions. Co.'s total solutions include SoCs, solution development kits and detailed specifications of other required components and the providers of those components. Co.'s total solutions enable its customers to quickly introduce new personal media players, including MP3 players, which are portable audio players that play music files, using any one of a number of audio compression technologies.
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