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Machinery & Industrial Equipment Market Industry
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OTC PK:AENGAdvanced Engine Technologies, Inc.
 Advanced Engine Technologies, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of the OX2 internal combustion engine; and in the subsequent licensing of the OX2 engine technology to approved manufacturers. As of June 30, 2003, five prototypes of the OX2 internal combustion engine, plus additional parts that could be used for engine development or for the building of additional prototypes, had been built. Also, Advanced Engine was granted United States and Australian patents for an Axial Piston Rotary Engine. Further, the company was granted a patent for an Axial Piston Rotary Engine in Australia. In addition, it had patent registrations in countries throughout the world, which were either granted or pending, as of the above date.
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OTC PK:AACSAmerican Commerce Solutions, Inc.
 American Commerce Solutions is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co, is engaged in providing machining services for heavy industry. Operating mainly in the regions of mining, agriculture processing, maritime, power generation and industrial machinery companies. Additional operations include heavy equipment service to the construction, forestry, waste and scrap industries. The operation provides service of the equipment, which includes rebuilding undercarriages, engines, transmissions, final drives and hydraulics. Co. is also engaged in manufacturing motorcycle trailers with fiberglass bodies. Co. provides non warranty repairs, modification of existing trailers.
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OTC PK:AEYSAmerican Energy Services, Inc.
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OTC PK:GWOWGenesis Worldwide, Inc.
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OTC PK:GWTRGlobal Water Technologies, Inc.
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OTC PK:KWHIYKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd Sponsored American Depositary Shares
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OTCBB:MMGWMass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.
 Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. operates as a development stage company, as of April 30, 2003. It produces wind turbines, and sells wind generated electricity. Its proprietary product, the MultiAxis Turbosystem, converts wind energy into electricity, through its wind turbines. The company seeks to build, patent, and operate wind energy generated power plants utilizing its proprietary MultiAxis Turbine technology. It seeks to sell the generated electricity to the power commodity exchange on the open market, initially in California. In July 2003, Mass Megawatts Wind Power introduced a new design in its MultiAxis Turbosystem for the production of electricity.
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OTC PK:MSUXFMisumi Group, Inc.
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OTC PK:MHVYFMitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
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OTC PK:MVACMotorVac Technologies, Inc.
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OTCBB:RSCFReflect Scientific, Inc.
 Reflect Scientific is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of innovative products targeted at the life science market. Co.'s growing product portfolio includes ultra low temperature freezers and chemical detectors, in addition to supplying OEM products to the life science industry. Visacon brand chemical detectors provide Co.'s OEM customers a cost effective detection product that allows them to extend their markets. Co.'s Cryometrix brand ultra low temperature freezers innovative design enables Co.'s customers to save substantially on energy costs related to cryogenic storage.
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OTC PK:SDVKYSandvik A B Sponsored ADR
 Sandvik is a high-technology, engineering group with advanced products and a world-leading position within selected areas.
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OTC PK:TAPITapistron International, Inc.
 Tapistron International, Inc. engages in the business of developing or acquiring proprietary technologies in the textile industry. The company's initial technology has been the development of a Computerized Yarn Placement machine, for producing tufted carpets, and rugs in versatile patterns, colors, and textures. Its Tapistron machine changes pattern, color, texture, and density combinations, and is designed to provide an alternative to current methods of producing patterned products. In July, Tapistron filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The filing is in the form of a pre-packaged liquidation of the company's assets pursuant to the terms, and conditions of an Asset Purchase Agreement signed on June 29, by and between the company, and CYP Technologies, LLC, which is a Georgia limited liability company.
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OTC PK:TSYITerra Systems, Inc.
 Terra Systems, Inc., a development stage company, engages in the development and commercialization of low-pressure pneumatic conveyance systems to handle materials in a bulk state with respect to industrial handling processes. These low-pressure systems are used in connection with the pulverization, moisture control, classification, transport, and processing of bulk materials.
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OTC PK:TORQTorque Engineering Corporation
 Torque Engineering Corporation engages in the design and manufacture of high performance offshore marine engines. The company developed and is now manufacturing and marketing the Torque V-12, a high-powered, 12-cylinder, 14 liter/860 cubic inch V-12 aluminum marine engine. Torque Engineering offers the Torque V-12 in three models: The TORQ 1000 - 900 horsepower engine with 1050 ft.-lbs. of torque; The TORQ 1100 - 1,050 horsepower engine with 1100 ft.-lbs. of torque; and The TORQ 1200 - 1,150 horsepower engine with 1150 ft.-lbs. of torque. The Torque V-12 is an all-aluminum, electronically fuel-injected engine designed to run on premium gasoline. Torque Engineering's products are designed for the marine pleasure craft industry.
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