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Oil & Gas - Exploration & Production Market Industry
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OTC PK:ABGVFAbington Ventures, Inc.
 Abington Ventures, Inc. engages in the acquisition, development, and exploration of gold and silver properties in the Sheeptanks Mining District of Arizona. It owns an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Verdstone Gold Mine in Arizona. The company also owns two oil and gas properties located in Weybur and Kingsford, Saskatchewan. It owns 10% working interest in two horizontal oil and gas producing wells located in Weyburn; and also a 8% working interest in one horizontal oil producing well located in Kingsford.
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OTC PK:AUEXFAurado Energy, Inc.
 Aurado Energy, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the oil and gas exploration, development, and production in Canada and Kazakhstan. It also holds interests in various mines and mineral assets located in Ontario and Quebec.
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OTC PK:CNGGCambridge Energy Corporation
 Cambridge Energy Corporation did not have any significant operations, as of June 30, 2003. Previously, the company owned oil and gas properties in Louisiana, Texas; and Indonesia. The company intends to acquire income producing oil and gas properties.
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OTC PK:CUPRCentral Utilities Production Corporation
 Central Utilities Production Corporation, an independent energy company, engages in the development and operation of oil and gas producing properties. The company's current operations are focused in Texas and Kentucky. Its oil and gas production is sold at the well site on an as-produced basis at market-related prices in the areas where the producing properties are located. The company operates its Kentucky properties by use of an outside operator, i.e., Travell Energy, which is familiar with oil and gas operations in Warren County, Kentucky.
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OTCBB:CHAGChancellor Group, Inc.
 Chancellor Group, Inc., a development stage company, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and production of oil and gas properties. Its wholly owned subsidiaries are Radly Petroleum, Inc.; Lichfield Petroleum America, Inc.; and Getty Petroleum, Inc.
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OTC PK:CTVWFCityView Corporation Limited
 CityView Corporation Limited, through its subsidiary, CityView Asia Pty, Ltd., engages in the acquisition and development of oil and gas reserves primarily in Indonesia. The company’s energy portfolio includes Madura Block onshore Madura Island near Surabaya, east Java covering an area of 674,100 acres; and Simenggaris Block onshore northeast Borneo covering an area of 675,582 acres. It also owns a 2.5% interest in the petroleum permit block held under Service Contract 41, which is an offshore oil and gas exploration area of approximately three million acres in the Sandakan Basin within Philippine waters adjacent to the border with east Malaysia. In addition, the company has a 20% interest in Global Network Technologies Pty, Ltd., which sells and installs Panasonic Telephone systems and communication accessories; and point to point microwave links for high speed data networks.
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 CNPC (Hong Kong) Limited, through its subsidiaries, operates as an international oil company with a focus in the investment of exploration and production of crude oil in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Thailand. The company has two production sharing arrangements in the PRC, one in Xinjiang Karamay and the other in Liaohe Leng Jiapu, with PetroChina Company Limited, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation, the company’s ultimate holding company. CNPC also has a small concession in Thailand-Sukhothai Concession. In addition, the company has oil fields in Peru, the Union of Myanmar, the Azerbaijan Republic, and the Sultanate of Oman; and steel pipes manufacturing factory. As of December 31, 2002, the proved reserves totaled 130.4 million barrels.
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OTCBB:CMMIConsolidated Medical Management
 Consolidated Medical Management, Inc., doing business as Consolidated Minerals Management, Inc., did not have any significant operations, as of March 31, 2003. It intends to focus on the oil and gas industry. Previously, the company provided medical services, which included delivery of turn key management services for the home health industry in south Louisiana.
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OTC PK:CSRZConsolidated Resources Group, Inc.
 In June 2002, Silk Botanicals.Com, Inc. changed its name to Consolidated Resources Group, Inc. Consolidated Resources Group, Inc. develops, markets, and distributes three lines of artificial flowers, including artificial greenery and floral arrangements in baskets and containers, and artificial floral arrangements in clear glass vases set in epoxy providing the illusion of fresh flowers in water. The company markets and sells these products to gift retailers, decorative accessory retailers, and the hospitality industry. The artificial foliage and flowers are imported primarily from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Peoples Republic of China. In May 2002, the company acquired certain oil and gas reserves from Vance Energy, Ltd. located in Texas for 3,316,000 shares of the company's common stock. In April 2002, it acquired 100 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of Capital Equities Group Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Resort Hotel Inc. Terms were not disclosed.
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OTCBB:CPPXFContinental Energy Corporation
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OTC PK:DVPCDover Petroleum Corp
 Dover Petroleum Corp. operates as an oil and gas exploration company with properties in Egypt and the United States. Its subsidiary, Dover Petroleum Egypt I, Inc., owns a 56.25% interest in Dover Egypt I Joint Venture. The joint venture is related to the exclusive concession for the exploitation of petroleum and natural gas in and throughout the East Wadi Araba area of the Gulf of Suez. In addition, Slaterdome Oil & Gas, Inc., another subsidiary of the company, has a 33.3334% working and operating rights interest in certain oil and gas leases located in Carbon County, Wyoming and Moffat County, Colorado.
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OTC PK:EDEXEldorado Expl, Inc.
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OTC PK:EMEYFEmerald Energy Plc Ord
 Emerald Energy plc engages in exploration and production of hydrocarbons in South America. The company’s exploration and production operations comprise its 100% working interests in Gigante/Matambo association contract, La Cabana association contract, Campoalegre association contract, and Capote association contract in Colombia. It also had 100% working interest in Nirihuau Licence Block, CN-01 in Argentina. This block covers the whole of the Nirihuau Basin–part of the Andean foreland basin complex of Argentina. As of December 31, 2002, the company’s total oil reserves were 12,075 Mmbl. In September 2003, the company appointed Alastair Beardsall as the executive chairman.
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OTC PK:EMPREmpire Petroleum Corporation
 Empire Petroleum Corporation engages in the exploration and development of oil and gas properties. The company’s oil and gas project, Cheyenne River Project, is located in the Eastern Powder River Basin in the State of Wyoming.
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OTC PK:ENEEFEndev Energy, Inc.
 Endev Energy, Inc. engages in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas in Alberta. It focuses on three areas, which include northen light oil and shallow gas area, west-centeral deep gas area, and southern shallow gas area. The company has 100% working interest in 6, 400 contiguous acres within the Pine creek area of west Alberta. It had farmed 25, 600 acres in Otter/Ogston area, and 27, 200 gross acres in Majorville, as well as identified 30 locations targeting second White Specks gas in the Drumheller area, as of December 31, 2002. In addition, the company has properties in Ogston, Gordondale, and sawn lake, Alberta. As of the above date, Endev's total proved reserves were 1,979 thousand barrels of crude oil and natural gas liquids, and 17, 878 million cubic feet of natural gas.
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OTC PK:FCGCFFirst Calgary Petes Ltd
 First Calgary Petroleums, Ltd., an oil and gas company, engages in the exploration and development activities internationally. It has operations in Algeria and Yemen.
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OTC PK:GILXFGitennes Expl, Inc.
 Gitennes Exploration, Inc., an exploration stage company, engages in exploring for gold and base metals in Canada and abroad. It is exploring a mixed portfolio of gold, silver, zinc, and copper properties in Canada and Peru. Its properties are Urumalqui Gold- Silver Project, Peru; Rio Seco Gold Project, Peru; and Esten Option, Canada.
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OTC PK:HRTIFHeritage Oil Corporation
 Heritage Oil Corporation engages in the exploration, development, and production of petroleum and natural gas in the Middle East and Africa. Its producing properties encompass the Republic of Congo and Oman, and its exploration project in Uganda. As of December 31, 2002, the company’s total proven reserves were 4.6 mmboe.
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OTC PK:KINGKing Resources, Inc.
 King Resources, Inc., formerly ARXA International Energy, Inc., operates as an independent oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of oil and gas properties in the United States. As of October 31, 2000 King does not operate any oil and gas properties.
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OTC PK:LNDNFLundin Petroleum AB shs
 Lundin Petroleum AB engages in the exploration and production of oil and gas. The company conducts its operations in France, Albania, Iran, Netherlands, Norway, Tunisia, Venezuela, Indonesia, and Sudan. As of December 31, 2002, the company’s total proved and probable oil reserves were 102,888 thousand barrels. As of such date, its total proved and probable gas reserves were 84,250 thousand cubic feet. In October 2003, Lundin Petroleum completed the drilling and testing operations of the ‘Censa-Ormat 1’ exploration well located in the Val des Marais exploration permit, onshore France.
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OTC PK:MRSJFMelrose Resources Plc
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OTC PK:MTLRFMetalore Resources Ltd
 Metalore Resources Limited engages in the exploration and development of precious metals and hydrocarbons throughout Canada. Metalore has interest in approximately 40,000 acres of mineral (gas and oil) leases; and produces natural gas from the ‘Clinton’ formation in Ontario. The company has 84 wells producing from 25 billion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. It owns a gold prospect and approximately 150 mining claims in the Sioux Narrows area of northwestern Ontario. Metalore also holds various interests in approximately 700 mining claims in the Beardmore area of northwestern Ontario.
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OTC PK:NKRSFNiko Resources Ltd
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OTC PK:PAPOPangea Petroleum Corporation
 Pangea Petroleum Corporation engages in the exploration and development of oil and gas reserves in the United States. Pangea also engages in the re-engineering and development of proven oil and gas properties.
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OTC PK:PMOIYPremier Oil plc American Depositary Shares
 Premier Oil plc operates as an independent oil and gas company with producing interests in the UK, Indonesia, and Pakistan. As of December 31, 2002, the company had ongoing exploration in the UK, Indonesia, west Africa (Guinea Bissau and Gabon), and south Asia (Pakistan and India). Its proven and probable reserves, as of the above date, were 450 million barrels of oil equivalent.
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