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Plastics & Rubber Market Industry
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OTC PK:ABSSFAirboss Of America Corp New
 Market CapDay's VolumeLast TradeChange
OTC PK:ASWAYArisawa Maunufacturing Ltd GDR
 Market CapDay's VolumeLast TradeChange
OTC PK:AHKSYAsahi Kaisai Corporation American Depositary Share
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OTC PK:CPCGFC P I Plastics Group Ltd
 CPI Plastics Group Limited manufactures plastic components, such as extruded thermoplastic systems, functional components, and decorative trims serving various consumer and industrial markets across North America and internationally. CPI’s consumer products group is based on eON™, its wood replacement product primarily serving the window fashion, decking, outdoor spa/hot tub, and various other lifestyle markets; and extruded film products serving the household and janitorial/sanitary waste management markets. CPI’s industrial products group offers original design, custom engineering, and value-added processing services. Markets served by this group include appliances, automotive, office furniture, and consumer electronics. Plastic components are designed and manufactured by CPI to replace materials, such as steel, aluminum, and wood.
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OTC PK:LTIILuna Technologies International, Inc.
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OTC PK:MANWMobile Area Networks, Inc.
 Mobile Area Networks, Inc. engages in the business of high-tech military parts, medical devices, consumer products, automotive accessories, irrigation devices, and specialty applications. Besides, the company developed the MobiLAN® brand of broadband, high-speed wireless Internet service for travelers and other business users of laptop computers.
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OTC PK:UNSCUnited Shields Corporation
 Market CapDay's VolumeLast TradeChange
OTC PK:ENVKXemex Group Inc. Common stock
 Market CapDay's VolumeLast TradeChange
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