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Retail - Electronics Market Industry
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OTC PK:KESAFKesa Electricals plc
 KESA Electricals Plc operates as an electricals and furniture retailer in seven European countries. It primarily comprises six brands, including Darty, Comet, BUT, BCC, Vanden Borre, and Datart. The company offers a range of home equipment products across the white, brown, and grey electrical product categories. In addition, it offers a selection of furniture products under its BUT brand. As of November 1, 2003, the company operated 199 Darty, 249 Comet, 239 BUT, and 107 other stores.
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OTC PK:PEAEPeaches Entertainment Corporation
 Peaches Entertainment Corporation operates retail stores that sell prerecorded music, videos, and related products in the southeastern part of the United States. The Peaches stores carry a selection of prerecorded music as well, as recorded and blank video tapes, accessories, and specialty items, such as T-shirts and crates. Its e-commerce site, www.peachesmusic.com, offers over 250,000 different items, including compact discs, cassettes, and DVD's, as well as digital downloading. At April 1, 2000 the company operated 11 Peaches stores of which five were located in Florida, three in Virginia, two in North Carolina, and one in Alabama.
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OTC PK:URTSAURT Industries, Inc.
 URT Industries, Inc. operates retail stores that sell prerecorded music, videos, and related products in the Southeastern part of the United States under the name 'PEACHES'. The company's business is operated by its subsidiary, Peaches Entertainment Corporation. The twelve 'Peaches' stores which are in operation are located in the following four states: Florida (six stores), Virginia (three stores), North Carolina (two stores), and Alabama (one store). The 'Peaches' stores carry a wide selection of prerecorded music as well as recorded and blank videotapes, accessory items and specialty items such as T-shirts and crates. Some stores are free standing and others are contiguous to other stores in shopping centers.
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OTC PK:WLSAWireless Age Communications, Inc.
 Wireless Age Communications, Inc., through its 89% owned subsidiary, Wireless Age Communications, Ltd., (Wireless Age Canada) operates retail cellular and telecommunications outlets in cities in western Canada, including Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company operates 10 stores in 2 provinces located in shopping malls and key locations in each city. Wireless Age Canada sells cellular phones, two-way radio devices, and installs wireless systems to corporate and institutional clients. In May 2003, the company appointed its Chairman and C.F.O. John G. Simmonds to the additional position of chief executive officer. In June 2003, the company acquired 100 percent of the shares of Wireless Source, Ltd. in exchange for 255,000 common shares and a twenty-four month note of approximately $85,000 USD. Wireless Source is in the wholesale wireless accessory business in Western Canada and is the exclusive distributor of SaskTel prepaid cellular cards.
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