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Surgical & Medical Equipment Market Industry
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OTC PK:ABMIQAmerican BioMed, Inc.
 American BioMed, Inc. manufactures medical, surgical, and diagnostic devices. Its principal products are atherectomy catheters, stents, clot filters, 100%-silicone balloon catheters, and drug delivery catheter systems. The company markets its products to health care providers that are high volume users of angioplasty, atherectomy, and stent devices; to third-party distributors; and to independent representatives, that are both geographically located in, and sell in North and South America, Western Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and Southeast Asia.
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NYSE:CE-PCelanese Corp 4.25% Conv Perpetual Pfd Stock
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OTC PK:EMDFE Med Future, Inc.
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OTC PK:LPTILongport, Inc.
 Longport, Inc. provides high–resolution ultrasound technology that has applications in wound detection and assessment, burn treatment, product testing, dermatology, and women's health issues. In the case of wound detection and treatment, clinicians can check the status of a wound and the surrounding tissue without having to biopsy and detect the development of pressure ulcers prior to visual indications. It can also distinguish pressure ulcers caused by friction and incontinence. The company has developed a soft tissue ultrasound scanner that is used in wound care and other medical applications. Its scanner produces a high-resolution image of the skin and underlying tissue up to three centimeters below the skin. In the scanner product category, the company faces competition from Cortex Technology, Inc. In March 2003, Longport appointed Paul D. Wilson to be its President. Michael C. Boyd, its CEO and President, remained CEO.
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OTC PK:MDJTMedjet, Inc.
 Medjet, Inc. engages in research and development of medical technology utilizing small-diameter, liquid microjets moving at various speeds above supersonic, depending on the specific application. The company’s research and development efforts are focused on ophthalmic surgical technology and equipment, particularly microkeratomes, which are medical devices used to produce thin layers of tissue in the cornea. It has developed a proprietary patented technology platform and derivative devices for vision-correction surgery of the cornea. For cutting, the beam is scanned across the tissue to be cut. In each application, the scanned microjet beam substitutes for lasers or conventional metal, sapphire or diamond oscillating blades. The company is also developing the microjet technology for the treatment of dental caries.
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OTC PK:MDSXMedsearch Technologies, Inc.
 MedSearch Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiaries engage in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of medical products. Its subsidiaries are Meduck Technologies, Ltd., TNJ Products, Inc., and M&W Medical Supply LLC. Medsearch specializes in the research and development of remote and wireless diagnostic, non-invasive medical devices that utilize sophisticated sensors and patented algorithms. It developed specialized technologies, including disposable sensors, online analysis display, and wireless data transfer devices for home-care use. As of December 31, 2002, the products under development were versatile monitoring platform for home-care and portable applications, the symdex 1500, the Nocturnal Penile Tumescence and Rigidity test, the sleep monitor, and the scopeshieldTM.
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OTCBB:MRDAFMeridian Company, Ltd.
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OTC PK:SATKQSubstance Abuse Technologies
 Substance Abuse Technologies, Inc. manufactures instruments, which measure blood alcohol concentration by breath sample, and analyzation. The company through its divisions, and subsidiaries conducts the following operations: alcohol testing products through its Alcohol Products Division; human resource provider through its Employer Services Division; designing policies and programs on substance abuse prevention through its Robert Stutman & Associates Consulting Division; developing drug testing products through its subsidiary U.S. Drug Testing, Inc.; and serving as a clinical laboratory through its Biochemical Toxicology Laboratories. It also owns a 60.8% interest in Good Ideas Enterprises, Inc., a toy manufacturer, and all of the outstanding stock of U.S. Rubber Recycling, Inc., a manufacturer of floor coverings.
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