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Wholesale - Drugs Market Industry
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OTC PK:EMDGEmpyrean Bioscience, Inc.
 Empyrean Bioscience, Inc. engages in the marketing, sale, and distribution of personal care products that are intended to prevent the spread of infectious disease. The company currently markets two product lines under its complete germ protection program, a hand sanitizer and first-aid antiseptic lotion and antibacterial towelettes, both of which are based on a formulation developed and licensed to it by International Bioscience Corporation (IBC). Both product lines are marketed under the Preventx® brand name and were also marketed under the Coleman® with Advanced Preventx® brand to the sporting goods, outdoor/recreational market niche under a license agreement with The Coleman Company, Inc. The products are primarily sold over-the-counter in the retail markets and also to commercial, industrial, institutional, and military customers. In accordance with its agreements with IBC, worldwide new product development responsibility is vested in the joint venture with IBC.
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OTC PK:HTDSHard to Treat Diseases, Inc.
 In June 2003, International Foam Solutions, Inc. changed its name to Hard to Treat Diseases, Inc. in connection with the completion of a share exchange agreement with Hard to Treat Diseases and T-19, Inc. Hard to Treat Diseases, Inc. holds the international marketing rights, except South Korea, to Tubercin, a patented immunostimulant developed for combating cancer and rheumatoid arthritis under medical patent. Tubercin promotes good health by enhancing the immune system. The nasal spray would be distributed through major holistic retailers and providers worldwide.
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