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Wholesale - Miscellaneous Market Industry
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OTC PK:HGMRFHagemeyer Nlg 2.50
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OTC PK:ITOCYItochu Corp American Depositary Shares
 ITOCHU Corporation, a general trading company, engages in the purchase, distribution, and marketing of a variety of commodities, including raw materials, capital goods, and consumer goods. The company conducts either domestic trade within Japan, or trades between Japan and other nations, or trades between third-party nations. ITOCHU also provides various services, such as financing arrangements for customers and suppliers; planning and coordinating industrial projects; and gathering extensive information. Its division companies includes the Transportation company; Plant, Automobile, and Industrial Machinery company; Aerospace, Electronics, and Multimedia company; Energy, Metals, and Minerals company; Chemicals, Forest products, and General Merchandise company; Food Company; and the Finance, Realty, Insurance and logistics Services company.
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OTC PK:MARUYMarubeni Corp Ord American Depositary Shares
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OTC PK:NYINNew York International Commerce Group, Inc.
 Interlock Services, Inc., doing business as New York International Commerce Group, Inc., as of June 30, 2002, operated as a development stage enterprise. It was formed to provide business services in three general categories: importation of products directly from China by utilization of local relationships; exportation of products into China, with a focus on high tech and scientifically advanced products; and consultation with companies seeking to do business in China, as well as with Chinese companies seeking to expand their business to the west. Its target users are the international community of owners, managers, and staff of small and medium enterprises.
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NYSE:SCCOSouthern Copper Corp.
 Smith Corona Corporation was engaged in the sale and marketing of electronic typewriters and related supplies, commercial headsets, and inkjet replacement cartridges, as of December 31, 1999. The company sourced its products from suppliers in North America, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. Smith Corona marketed its products through national retail chains, catalog merchandisers, department stores, office equipment dealers, discount stores, stationers, and direct mail accounts.
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OTC PK:SSUMYSumitomo Corp American Depositary Shares
 Sumitomo Corporation engages in the purchase, supply, distribution, and marketing of various goods and commodities, including metals, machinery, electronics, fuels, chemicals, textiles, food products, and consumer goods. The company also provides various services, such as financing for customers and suppliers; planning, coordination, and operation of urban and industrial infrastructure projects; consulting in areas, such as system integration and technology development; and transportation and logistics. The company provides these services through its nine divisions: metal products; transportation and construction systems; machinery and electric; media, electronics, and network; chemical; mineral resources and energy; consumer goods and service; materials and real estate; and financial and logistics. In September 2003, Sumitomo acquired the Horiden Group, a manufacturer and seller of ready-mixed concrete in the Fukuoka/Kyushu region.
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OTC PK:SEVTSummit Environmental Corporation, Inc.
 Summit Environmental Corporation, Inc. markets fire suppression materials, environmentally safe cleaning chemicals, and natural, botanical cosmetic products. Its products are proprietary or are under exclusive license. The company’s FIREPOWER 911™ and FLAMEOUT® are fire suppressants and retardants. It distributes industrial chemicals and cleaners under the private label ULTIMATE CLEAN. Summit Environmental has a line of color cosmetics, developed from natural herbs and botanicals. Its Web site, www.pannachelusciouslips.com, displays the pannache cosmetics product line.
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OTC PK:ROSIU.S.A. Floral Products, Inc.
 U.S.A. Floral Products, Inc. operates as an integrated distributor of floral products worldwide. The company operates in three segments: importing/exporting, wholesale distribution, and bouquet making. It imports and distributes floral products and floral-related hardgoods like vases, glassware, potted plants, and other supplies. Fresh-cut flowers are imported from foreign countries, and marketed directly to retailers and wholesalers. The company also provides brokerage and shipping services as well as in-store merchandising services to certain supermarkets and mass-market retailers. It conducts its operations in 102 facilities in 18 countries located on five continents. In April, the company and 16 of its U.S. subsidiaries have voluntarily filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.
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